Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wooden toy boat for summer fun

I found this idea on Pinterest. It is a toy boat that floats on the water with the help of a propeller. The propeller uses the energy of a rubber band to spin and as a result forces the boat to move.

First of all I take my measurements on a 6mm plywood piece and trace the outline of my boat. Then I use my scroll saw to cut on the line.

After sanding with 100grit sand paper to fine tune my curves it's time to make the propeller. I cut a piece of plywood and then cut it in two pieces. I find their centers and trace the pieces for the slots I want to cut out. The two feathers of the propeller will fit together with a slot joint and will be glued together.

A bit of sanding before glue up.

I decided to add my little touch to the project by adding a deck on my boat. I had a scrap piece of fruit crate which was perfectly old and rusty. I cut some boards out of it and I glue them on my boat. I fine tune them with my block plane. I apply some pressure with weights.

After some sanding, I mount the propeller on the boat with a rubber band and my boat is ready to set sail.

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