Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Make a garden hose hanger

The hanger hanged!
 This is my version of Steve Ramsey's garden hose hanger. You can view his video here. I had some scrap pieces of pine (I think) from an old bed and I've decided to make this hose hanger for my balcony after seeing Steve's video.

This is the way I made mine. First of all I cut the wood to pieces to make a square.

Then I've joined the edges with glue and dowels.

Clamping and adding weight to avoid bendin.

I let the glue dry for a couple oh hours. In the meantime I prepare a router jig that will help me cut a circle out of my square. Mounting the jig under the router.

I intend to reuse the jig to other projects. So I've drilled more holes so the jig can make multiple diameter holes.

The jig acts like a huge caliper.

 My circle is ready.

Now all I did was cutting the circle in half and then screw two halfs against a cube for the hose to sit on.

I've rounded over the edges with a block plane for smoother touch.
To finish the hanger I've used some water based wood stain in the color of walnut.

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