Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Make a scroll saw cat

I had a small scrap piece of spruce and I decided to make a cat out of it.

First of all I draw the cat on the sides of the piece.

Then I turn on my scroll saw at a low speed. I slowly cut on the pencil line.

After I finish with the scroll saw, I draw the lines for the pieces I want to carve out. Then I use my sharp knife to carve out the pieces I don' want. I try to remove small chips of wood with the direction of the grain. I try to force the blade with direction away from my body and fingers.

Know it's time for a little sanding. I start with 100 grit sand paper and I finish with 600 grit.

After sanding I take my pyrographer and burn the facial characteristics of the cat on the wood.

My little cat is ready, I hope you like it.

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