Thursday, February 25, 2016

Designing and making a DIY multiple tealight holder

First of all I did a rough sketch of my idea on paper. Than I designed the templates of my holder in illustrator.

I used 20mm plywood for this project.

I glued the templates on the plywood using prey adhesive.

I then cut out all the pieces on my bandsaw.

Using my belt sander I removed all the saw marks.

For difficult to reach areas, I used a sanding block. Just a scrap piece of wood, on which I glued a piece of sandpaper with carpet tape.

I clamped my router on my vise. I used a round over bit and rounded all the edges of my pieces.

All the parts of the piece are connected with a 16mm oak dowel. I used my drill press and a spade bit to drill the holes that receive the dowel.

I then used a 40mm forstner bit to drill the holes for the candles.

I cut the dowel to size on my bandsaw. I used my drill press as a lathe, to sand the edge of the dowel.

I used WD40 to remove the templates from the pieces.

I finished the piece by applying a coat of teak oil.

I glued the dowel to the base and assembled all the pieces together.

My tea light holder is ready!

You can download free vector plans for this project here.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to make a jig for making beehive handles using a skill saw

How to make a jig for making beehive handles using a skill saw.

I am in the middle of a beehive making project and I wanted to make those professional looking handles.

After doing my research I decided to make a circular saw jig for the job. 

I first designed my two rails on a scrap piece of plywood and then cut it out on my bandsaw.

I then glued the pieces together using carpet tape and sanded them flush on the belt sander.

I then cut a few other pieces on my table saw. For the cross cuts I used my sled.

I made some pocket holes with my kreg jig. I glued and screwed  the pieces together. 

I then cut some thinner plywood pieces on my bandsaw, to act as rail fences. I screwed them in place. 

I used my circular saw to match the distance between the rails. It should match the width of my skill saw’s plate.

I predrilled a few pilot holes and screwed in the back cleat.

I added the front cleat using a plywood piece as a spacer. I also screwed in the front fence of my jig.

The jigs gets clamped over the panel in a way that the circular saw comes down on the rails and cuts with the side of the blade and creates a circular groove.

This type of handle is created typically on beehive making, but I think it works just fine on cabinets and drawers, it is really strong and looks really nice.

You can watch other people making similar stuff here: 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to make a Valentine’s scroll saw bowl

I made this piece out of 8mm birch plywood.

First of all I designed my vector template and printed it out.

I cut the plywood roughly to size using my table saw. For the cross cuts, I used my sled.

I then used spray adhesive to glue the templates on the wood.

I drilled the entry holes for the scroll saw blade on my drill press.

I then cut all 8 pieces of the bowl using my scroll saw.

I clamped the pieces on a vise, and sanded them. I used an old chisel as a sanding block for the round parts and a flat scrap piece for the others.

I used WD-40 to remove the templates from the wood.

With a small syringe I applied the glue. I glued the two halfs of the bowl separately and then glued them all together.

A bit more sanding and my Valentine’s day love bowl is ready!

You can download a free vector template of the bowl here.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY ancient Greek quote wood sign

I wanted to make a wood sign with an ancient Greek quote. I chose “αρχή ήμισυ παντός” which means “the beginning is half of everything”.

I used lime tree  ( tilia ) for this project. In greek it is called “φλαμούρι”.

First of all I cut the pieces on my table saw and book matched them.

I then jointed them using a hand plane.

I made a few marks and used my biscuit joiner and biscuits to glue the two pieces together.

After the glue dried, I sanded everything smooth with my orbital sander.

I designed my quote using straight lines. This way the CNC machine would cut only on top of the paths I wanted.

I used a V cutter on my CNC for this project.

Using a V chisel to clean a few areas that didn’t came out super clean from the CNC.

I made a few extra marks on the perimeter and cut them out on the bandsaw. I did that to give a more “ancient” feel to my piece.

I also used my carving gouges and a mallet to give an even more “beaten up” look to my sign.

I sanded the piece and applied a few coats of teak oil while sanding between coats.

I made a hole on the back on my drill press to act as hanger.

My quote is ready to be hanged on the wall.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Testing and reviewing a multitool from Banggood

A couple of weeks ago bang good sent me this multitool. 

It can do many jobs. A few of them are drilling, jigsawing, milling, sanding and turning.

The machine is made of different aluminum and plastic parts which you connect in different ways to make different tools.

In the packaging where also included a few goodies. A few of them are a set of plans for woodworking projects, various kinds of chucks, sanding pads, drilling and milling bits, a small grinding stone, a center finding jig and many more.

I tested all the tools, and I really liked the lathe and sander. I really like the fact that lathe comes with a cool jaw chuck.

The other tools work OK, but I wouldn’t recommend them for hard or thick materials.

The tool also has a few stability issues, but if you clamp it on the bench that problem gets solved easily.

I also made a walnut and maple bracelet on the lathe, just to check how the tool performs in an actual project.

I did  all the shaping with the skew chisel and sanded the piece on the lathe.

I applied a coat of linseed oil for protection.

I also made the holes on the lathe as well! It was fun to do the drilling on the turning process.

Overall I think this is a cool tool for young beginner woodworkers who want to start using a few basic tools. I really think it is ideal for people who practise modelism!

Check for information on the tool’s page on Banggood site.