Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY log stool made of fire wood

 This is a stool I made out of some pieces o pine we had laying around on our fire wood pile.

First of all I selected a piece with a flat surface for the top and four cylindrical pieces for the legs.

Then I remove the bark from the top piece. The wood is dry and as a result the bark comes off easily with a mallet.

Then I drill some holes to the bottom with a 38 spade drill bit. I try not to drill the surface of my stool while drilling as deep as I can.

Now I clean up the legs a little bit, using a small axe.

I also use my axe to make tenons to fit in my cylindrical mortises.

I glue the legs.

To secure the legs a little more, I drill pilot holes and add screws.

With my circular saw I cut the legs so that the stool will stand fairly OK on the floor. I just eyeballed where to cut.
I used my rasp to round over some of the edges and I sanded the top with 100 grit sandpaper.

I apply a couple of coats of water based wood stain in the color of Oregon pine.

My stool is ready. I think this is the perfect woodworking project to make in your country house with limited tools.