Thursday, June 25, 2015

How I carved the Pontian

I created this carving on a piece of tilia ( or lime) tree.

First of all I made a basic sketch of the idea I wanted to carve.

Then I transferred the design on the wood.

Using the V tool I carved around the figure. Then with a flat number 4 gouge I lowered the background. I repeated this process several times, until I reached the depth that I wanted.

Then using the V tool and the number 4 I tried to establish the basic forms of the figure.

I used the number 8 tool to created a few big curves on the piece.

Then with the number 4 and the V gouge I worked more on details. I also used a smaller V and other tools trying to match the angles and curves of my design.

I started sanding with 80 grit sandpaper, moved to 150 and 240.

I applied a coat of water based, clear, satin varnish. 

After the first coat dried, I sanded lightly with 1000 grit to smooth the raised grain of the wood.

I applied 4 coats of the varnish, with sanding between them.

After about a month’s work my Pontian is ready.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to make a mojito and a pestle for it

First of all I cut a scrap spruce piece to size with my miter box and a saw.

Then I mounted the piece on my homemade drill lathe, and used several wood turning gouges to shape the pestle.

After I was done, I sanded the piece on the lathe, and used a saw to cut it off.

Finally I branded the pestle with the word “Mojito” using my wood burner.

To make a nice mojito you need fresh mint.

I added to my glass 5 mint leaves and two spoonfuls of brown sugar.

I then cut a lime in half and added half of it’s juice to the mixture.

I crashed the mint leaves gently with the pestle in order to release the mint’s flavors.

I added ice and the quantity of rum I like.

I filled the glass with soda water.

I added a few more mint leaves, a lime slice and a straw.

My Mojito was ready, bottoms up!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to make a wood castle tea light holder

I had a piece of log (I think it is sour orange tree) laying around and I decided to make this candle holder. I wanted it to look like a haunted tower. 

First of all I cut the log to size with a saw, while holding it on my vise.

Then I used a carving gouge to remove the bark.

I used the saw again to create a starting point for my axe.

Then with an axe and a hammer I spilt the log in half.

I made a few along the grain cuts with my saw and then used a chisel to remove big pieces of wood.

I used the carving gouge to smooth the inside a little bit.

I hand planed the outer side.

I used a round scraper to smooth things inside the piece a little bit.

With a small coping saw I made the along the grain cuts of the battlements. Then I used a chisel to carve out the rest.

For the windows I removed some material by drilling a couple of holes. Then I carved out the rest with chisels and gouges.

I glued the piece. I trimmed the outer side with a mini luthiers plane.

In a scrap plywood piece I made a few traces with a pencil and cut out the base on the scroll saw.

I glued the base pieces together.

I sanded the piece with 100 grit sand paper.

I wanted my castle to be haunted so I carved out a few cracks with a v chisel and a woodcarving gouge.

I stained the piece with water based wood stain in the color of walnut.

My little castle is ready!