Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to make a wood castle tea light holder

I had a piece of log (I think it is sour orange tree) laying around and I decided to make this candle holder. I wanted it to look like a haunted tower. 

First of all I cut the log to size with a saw, while holding it on my vise.

Then I used a carving gouge to remove the bark.

I used the saw again to create a starting point for my axe.

Then with an axe and a hammer I spilt the log in half.

I made a few along the grain cuts with my saw and then used a chisel to remove big pieces of wood.

I used the carving gouge to smooth the inside a little bit.

I hand planed the outer side.

I used a round scraper to smooth things inside the piece a little bit.

With a small coping saw I made the along the grain cuts of the battlements. Then I used a chisel to carve out the rest.

For the windows I removed some material by drilling a couple of holes. Then I carved out the rest with chisels and gouges.

I glued the piece. I trimmed the outer side with a mini luthiers plane.

In a scrap plywood piece I made a few traces with a pencil and cut out the base on the scroll saw.

I glued the base pieces together.

I sanded the piece with 100 grit sand paper.

I wanted my castle to be haunted so I carved out a few cracks with a v chisel and a woodcarving gouge.

I stained the piece with water based wood stain in the color of walnut.

My little castle is ready! 

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