Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to make a mojito and a pestle for it

First of all I cut a scrap spruce piece to size with my miter box and a saw.

Then I mounted the piece on my homemade drill lathe, and used several wood turning gouges to shape the pestle.

After I was done, I sanded the piece on the lathe, and used a saw to cut it off.

Finally I branded the pestle with the word “Mojito” using my wood burner.

To make a nice mojito you need fresh mint.

I added to my glass 5 mint leaves and two spoonfuls of brown sugar.

I then cut a lime in half and added half of it’s juice to the mixture.

I crashed the mint leaves gently with the pestle in order to release the mint’s flavors.

I added ice and the quantity of rum I like.

I filled the glass with soda water.

I added a few more mint leaves, a lime slice and a straw.

My Mojito was ready, bottoms up!

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  1. Nice! though you need to come to Miami and taste ours! You will over stay your visa, I promise.

    I like the way you are making things with that home-made lathe. You are one talented person Ionrooted.