Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How I made my first wood turned spoon

I recently got myself a lathe and I decided to make a turned spoon out of a piece of lime tree ( tilia ).

First of all I used my circular saw and a guide rail to cut the piece of wood I needed.

I made a cross cut on my bandsaw. 

I then marked the center of the piece and used a caliper to mark a circle. I removed as much material as I could on the bandsaw.

I chucked the piece on my lathe and started turning a cylinder using a round edge gouge. 

This piece will be the spherical part of my spoon. It is important the end grain of the wood to be the outer side of the sphere.

After the cylinder was done, I used the partying tool and a skew chisel to shape the out side of my spoon while still keeping a cylindrical part.

I then mounted the piece on my four jaw chuck to start hollowing my spoon. For the hollowing process I used a bowl gauge.

I sanded the piece on the lathe and used the parting tool to cut the spoon loose.

I then cut the remaining tenon on my bandsaw.

To make the spoon’s handle, I cut a piece of wood on the bandsaw and turned it round on the lathe.

I made a tenon on one edge of the handle using the parting tool. The handle and the spoon are joined with a mortise and tenon joint.

I then used the bowl gouge to make all the conical shapes and finished the rest with the skew chisel. 

I then sanded the piece on the lathe and cut the handle loose on the bandsaw.

I made a mortise using the drill press and glued everything using two part epoxy.

I hope you like my first turned spoon.