Thursday, June 25, 2015

How I carved the Pontian

I created this carving on a piece of tilia ( or lime) tree.

First of all I made a basic sketch of the idea I wanted to carve.

Then I transferred the design on the wood.

Using the V tool I carved around the figure. Then with a flat number 4 gouge I lowered the background. I repeated this process several times, until I reached the depth that I wanted.

Then using the V tool and the number 4 I tried to establish the basic forms of the figure.

I used the number 8 tool to created a few big curves on the piece.

Then with the number 4 and the V gouge I worked more on details. I also used a smaller V and other tools trying to match the angles and curves of my design.

I started sanding with 80 grit sandpaper, moved to 150 and 240.

I applied a coat of water based, clear, satin varnish. 

After the first coat dried, I sanded lightly with 1000 grit to smooth the raised grain of the wood.

I applied 4 coats of the varnish, with sanding between them.

After about a month’s work my Pontian is ready.

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  1. you are one hell of a craver! Very nice. If you ever decide to make another one, I'll pay the postage. :)