Sunday, May 24, 2015

DIY message in a wood bottle!

I wanted a quick and creative little project, so I came up with this wood turned bottle.

First of all I mounted a scrap piece of spruce on my homemade drill lathe. 

I roughly made my piece cylindrical, and then using my woodturning gouges I gave it the basic shape of a bottle.

Then I sanded the piece on the lathe starting with 80 grit sand paper and then moving on to 150 grit.

In order to place my secret message in the bottle I had to make an against the grain hole. So I did that by drilling with a small drill bit and then gradually moving on to bigger ones.

I mounted an old wine cork I had on my drill lathe’s chuck. I mounted the chuck on my drill press and sanded it with 80 grit sandpaper to shape it to the size I wanted it. 

I wood burned the title on the bottle, added my secret message inside and that was it.

I hope you like my little miniature wood bottle!

I want to give my special thanks to BM tools for providing me with a set of woodturning  gouges.

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  1. Hi Ion -
    you know, I didn't realized that Greece runs on 230v/50hz - for some reason I believed it was 220v/50hz. That would be one reason for a one world government - everybody the same for electricity. :-D

    Thanks for the link to BM Tools!


    PS - interesting bottle. How big is it? For some reason since a week or so ago, I can't play any type of embedded video in IE 11. Not even showing a place holder for the video, though I could watch you make your garden hose holder. Ah, the joys of Microsoft.