Friday, May 15, 2015

How to make a garden hose hanger out of pallet wood!

I found an old pallet in the garbage and I decided to make a hose hanger out of it.

First of all I disassembled the pallet using my hammer to remove the old nails. I kept only the bottom wood of the pallet because that was the only good wood on it.

I roughly joined the pieces with my block plane.

Then I cut my pieces roughly with my circular saw.

I glued the pieces together to make a panel.

Then I used my circle cutting jig and my router to cut a circle out of my panel. I used a straight bit and several light passes to avoid wood burns.

Then using a hand saw I cut the circle in half. 

I used my block plane to round over all the edges and to make things straighter when needed.

I cut a few more pallet wood with a hand saw on my miter box, to create the inside cleats.

I rounded over the cleat’s outer edges with my block plane.

I glued the piece together. To increase the strength of the piece I drilled a few pilot holes, I chamfered the edges and added screws.

I also drilled the holes for the mounting.

I lightly sanded the piece and then I applied a few coats of water based wood stain in the color of walnut.

I set my drill to hammer mode and I drilled the hole on the wall using a bit for wall drilling.

Then I hammered in the upat using my mallet and using screws I mounted the piece on the wall.

My garden hose hanger is ready!

I want to give my special thanks to BM tools for the garden hose. 

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