Monday, February 1, 2016

Testing and reviewing a multitool from Banggood

A couple of weeks ago bang good sent me this multitool. 

It can do many jobs. A few of them are drilling, jigsawing, milling, sanding and turning.

The machine is made of different aluminum and plastic parts which you connect in different ways to make different tools.

In the packaging where also included a few goodies. A few of them are a set of plans for woodworking projects, various kinds of chucks, sanding pads, drilling and milling bits, a small grinding stone, a center finding jig and many more.

I tested all the tools, and I really liked the lathe and sander. I really like the fact that lathe comes with a cool jaw chuck.

The other tools work OK, but I wouldn’t recommend them for hard or thick materials.

The tool also has a few stability issues, but if you clamp it on the bench that problem gets solved easily.

I also made a walnut and maple bracelet on the lathe, just to check how the tool performs in an actual project.

I did  all the shaping with the skew chisel and sanded the piece on the lathe.

I applied a coat of linseed oil for protection.

I also made the holes on the lathe as well! It was fun to do the drilling on the turning process.

Overall I think this is a cool tool for young beginner woodworkers who want to start using a few basic tools. I really think it is ideal for people who practise modelism!

Check for information on the tool’s page on Banggood site.

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