Monday, July 14, 2014

Table with log legs remastered

This a table that my grandfather made many years ago with scrap pieces of wood and a piece of log. I thought that the concept of converting the tree branches into table legs was a great idea. So I decided to remake the table keeping the original concept and legs. 

Here's how the table looked in the first place.

First of all I disassemble the table. The top was mounted on a flange and the flange was mounted on the legs with screws. I will keep that mounting technique. Here's the original flange and top.

I decided to skin the tree, because it was starting to fall apart.

After scraping I've rounded all the edges with a chisel and sanded the piece.

In the center of the log there was a gap. It seemed like the tree wasn't completely dry when it was converted into a table. So I filled the inside as much as I could with glue and saw dust. I don't know if this technique is OK but it seemed right and it gave a little more weight to the log.

Now lets see how the top was made. I used a piece of spruce for the top and the flange. I cut the top with my jigsaw.

I cut the flange with my scroll saw. I've also chiseled out a mortise in the flange for the legs to fit in. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this procedure.

I made pilot holes on everything and glued and screwed the top to the flange and the flange to the legs. 
Then I sanded everything smooth and applied three coats of water based wood stain in walnut color. Then I applied two coats of clear water based satin lacquer while light sanding between coats.

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