Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY stomp box blues

This is my electric stomp box. The stomp box is used usually by musicians. It is used to keep the beat with the foot while strumming your chords, singing. It's use is pretty common in the blues musical genre.

I made my stompy in 2013 and I had no intention to post it anywhere those days, so unfortunately I do not have many photographs of the building process. Anyway I think you'll get the idea of what that's all about.

The stomp box is just a plywood  box with a piezoelectric pickup inside. When you hit the pickup voltage is created to it's ends. If you amplify that voltage you get your sound.

So after I built the box I painted white and then gray. Before I apply the grey paint I've masked the letters " S T O M P Y" with tape. So after painting and unmasking I have a grey stomp box with white letters.


Now I sand the box lightly with a 100 grit sandpaper to give it a rustic look. 

Now it's time for the electronic side of the project. We have a small circuit that includes the pickup, the potentiometer and an output guitar jack. You can find that kind of pickup to your local electronics store. I've extracted mine out of an old telephone. You can apply a layer of epoxy glue or glue gun the back side of your pickup to reduce feedback.

Now glue the pickup to the box with your glue gun (do not use to much glue it will reduce the pickup's motion and as a result the output of the pickup). I've also glued with epoxy a small metal piece to act as ground (although I am not sure if it is necessary).

Now I assemble everything together and my stompy is ready. I've also added a few coats of water based satin clear lacquer.

Stompy plugged in

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