Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Compost bin made from pallet wood

Last year I decided to convert my organic waste into soil with the use of  a compost bin. The experiment was a success and this year I decided to make a new compost bin out of pallet wood. It's dimensions are roughly 60x120x60cm. It is quite large and it will produce more than enough soil for my garden's needs.  

The design is simple. It is just a wooden box with an opening on top for me to add the waste. To collect the soil I've made a door to the bottom. In order to be able to move the structure easily I've added wheels. 

Know I'll explain the basic  building procedure. First of all I cut the pallet wood pieces to size and started making the two side panels. The boards of each panel are mounted with glue and screws on wooden clits.

Between the boards there's a gap for the air to flow. To do that I've used a thin scrap piece as a spacer.

After making the two sides I've connected them with boards. To begin I've mounted the top and bottom pieces. Clamps help to hold things together before screws and glue.

In the front  side I've left the opening for the door.

A look inside.

For the top and bottom I've used plywood. I've attached the doors with hinges and added chain to the top opening to act as a stopper. Here's the structure opened and closed.

I've finished the bin with 3 coats of water based wood stain in the color of oregon pine.

I've drilled some holes to the bottom of the bin to allow the rain water come out.  I've also added a thin layer of rocks to the bottom for the same reason. Then I've added some soil and the bin is ready to use.

Next year I hope I'll be able to show you soil made with the bin.



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