Thursday, July 10, 2014

Drink coaster in pallet style

Pallet style drink coaster isn't a new idea. But I thought it would be nice to make one my own way. I decided to build one for my desk out of a scrap piece of spruce. 

After marking the first one by eye, I've used a caliper  to make the other guidelines in the same distance.

I cut my miniature boards with a scroll saw while holding the piece steady with a clamp.

My cut pieces.

Now I need to straighten the boards roughly with a plane. I also need to plane them down to the thickness I like. To do that I use a wise to clamp my block plane upside down. This way I can pass my boards over the plane. Because my boards are small it is impossible to plane them the normal way because cannot hold them in place.

I make a test dry fit assembly.

Trim the pieces to size with my angle cutting box.

I glue up the pieces and I apply pressure with a couple of weights.

The glue is dry, time to sand with 100 grit sandpaper.

 To get even closer to the pallet style and to also make the construction a bit steadier I add a few nails to my pallet.

Last touch with my pyrographer. I burn an industrial symbol on the sides of my pallet.

Pallet coaster project accomplished!

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