Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Make a wooden tape dispenser in 80's cassette style

This idea passed through my mind because a cassette and a tape dispenser share some similarities. Both could have a cubic shape and both contain some form of tape inside them. So I decided to build one out of 6mm plywood.

First I take my measurements based on the tape I'm gonna put in. I had a scrap cylinder from an old project which fits perfectly inside my tape.

I cut the pieces and I glue them together. I won't glue one side, but I am gonna use it to clamp everything up while the glue dries.

A small dowel will be used to hold the roller in place. I've drilled some holes to the sides to hold it.

I drew the tape's outlines to my sides with a pencil.

After the glue dries I add some nails to the glued sides to add some strength. The other side will be attached with screws. So I drill some pilot holes for the screws and test screw them.

Now let's take a look inside and do a test fit.

For the tape cutting mechanism, I drilled some holes and nailed a few nails inside them with their sharp edge on top.

Now I use my pyrographer to draw my cassette's lines. I've decided to name my cassette after Michael Jackson's beat it. After all It's an 80's project!

I sand everything  smooth and apply a coat of linseed oil.

Job's done! 

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