Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Make a picture frame from scrap

This a picture frame I made from some left over pieces of spruce. It's easy to make and all you need is a scroll saw, a block plane, a drill and some sandpaper. 

 I started by cutting the pieces to size.

Then I've secured the block plane on a vise and start planing down the side pieces to the size I want. Accuracy is not the issue here. Just plane until you feel the size looks and feels ok.

The results.

The basic shapes are ready to join. I will use dowels to join the pieces together.

After drilling two holes, I will place those bronze markers inside them. Then I will press the piece with the markers against the other piece I want to join. The markers will leave their mark on the other side and I will know where to drill so the dowels will fit nicely.

  Just before pressing the two sides against each other.

Know I am ready to drill the holes.

The joint before glue up.

Repeat the process for all the joints, apply some  glue and pressure and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Know I need to make some clits for the picture to sit on. I cut with my scroll saw.

The clits roughly cut.

Planing the clits to size.

Gluing the clits up.

Now the picture can sit on this rabbit.

That's the way the frame sits. It is also glued with a dowel inside.

Cutting a scrap piece of glass for the frame.

A few nails hold the frame from falling.

Now all you need is a bit of sanding and finish. I didn't apply any finish on this project, I think it looks nicer as it is. 

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