Sunday, July 13, 2014

Make a wooden cord wrap

This is an industrial design idea I came across on Pinterest. It is a chord wrap in the shape of eight. You can find out more about the original idea of the designer Naoto Yoshida here. The cord of my mouse seems to always get in my way and this is idea seemed a perfect solution to my problem.

I've created my version of the cord wrap out of an 8mm piece of plywood. I've started by drawing the basic shape with my pencil.

I took my scroll saw and followed the outer line.

To cut the inside shape, I drill a hole wide enough for my scroll saw blade.

I disassemble the scroll saw to pass the blade through the hole and then I continue to cut.

With files and sand paper I fine tune my lines.

To finish my cord wrap I apply a coat of linseed oil to pop the grain of the wood up a little bit.

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