Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Make a log picture frame

One day I found a fallen branch in the woods, during hiking. I had it for sometime until I decided to make a picture frame out of it. 

First of all I used an old chisel to split the branch in half. Then with my saw and a miter box I cut my pieces to size using the 45 degrees setting of the box.

Then I lay the piece on a piece of 9mm plywood and trace around the frame. Then I cut the basic part of the frame. Now I trace a line 5mm less than the inside of the frame. This way  I will have a rabbet for the glass and the picture to sit in. 

To cut the inside of the plywood, I drill a hole for my scroll saw blade to fit in. I cut the piece with my scroll saw.

Now I secure my block plane backwards on a vise and I plane my pieces to flatten them a little bit.

I use my glass cutter to cut the glass.

I glue the branch pieces on the plywood and apply some pressure for a couple of hours.

After the glue is dry I use my block plane to trim the plywood and the log pieces flush.

Because the branch  isn't split right in the middle, the edges do not match. So I use my chisel to even things up. This way I give the piece an axe cut look which I think looks nice with log woodworking projects.

I fill some gaps with glue and wood saw dust.

I assemble my picture frame and I use a few nails to hold everything in place.

My frame is ready. Now I can add something for standing on horizontal surface or a hanger for mounting it on the wall.

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