Thursday, July 10, 2014

Carving an old Jackson electric guitar body

This is the first electric guitar I've ever owned. It's been in my hands for over 15 years. I've abused her in many ways. The last time I did something to her I spray painted a tribal design with red on it. This time I decided to remove all the paint and carve something on it. The original color of the guitar was pure black. 

The guitar before snading

So I started the process by sanding the old paint off. This procedure lasted several hours using a sanding block and an electric sander. I've used mostly 80 -100 grit sandpaper.

The guitar after hours of sanding finally clean. I think the wood is basswood.

I made a small sketch to express the idea of the design I wanted to carve. During the process I've changed the design but the concept remained the same. The concept was that I wanted the guitar to look like it's covered with a rag.  To that I've added a flower.  After the sketch I've transferred the design on the guitar body with a pencil.

A couple of curving stages

After carving I've decided to highlight a few design elements with a water based wood stain (walnut color). I've tried to create gradients in order to create some contrast so that the elements I want pop up. Something like make up on the guitar. I've also pyrographed my name and creation date on the guitar.

After finishing the guitar with a few coats of satin, transparent water based lacquer I am ready to reinstall the hardware of the guitar.

And that's it my old Jackson remastered. 

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