Monday, July 14, 2014

Convert a barrel into a planter

We had an old wine barell  laying around for years. I decided to make something useful out of it. So I converted it into  two planters. 

First of all you need to secure the collars of the barrel with screws. You do that because if you cut the barrel in half without securing it's collars it will collapse.

Then starting with the air hole in the middle cut the barrel in half with a jigsaw. It's easier to do that if the barrel  is laying down horizontally. If it stands vertical the weight of the upper half will push against the blade of the jigsaw and you won't be able to proceed easily to the cut. 

After cutting the barrel in half you can stain it with water based wood stain for outdoor use.
Before and after staining
After opening a few holes to the bottom of the your half barrels your planters will be ready.

Such a planter is very well suited for gardens or yards.  It is pretty heavy and when you water your plants the water will just go on the floor. So I wouldn't recommend such a planter for a balcony or a terrace.  I think it's perfect for open outdoor spaces.

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