Sunday, November 9, 2014

Make a cubistic DIY wooden flower

This is a cubistic flower made of scrap wood pieces. 

To begin with, we need to make a jig. The jig is just a piece of MDF with an equilateral triangle hole in the middle. The sides of the triangular have the same length with the end grain sides of a piece of pine I will use with the jig later. To  make the triangle first I draw a line and then another line at a 60 degree angle. Then I take the compass and measure equal lengths for the sides of the angle. I join the two end points and I have a triangle with all it’s three sides equal.  Then I cut out the triangle on  my scroll saw.

Now I take my pine piece and fit it into the triangle. It fits OK.

I mark the four points of the end grain side of my piece. I secure the jig on my vise and fit the pine piece with one angle out. I cut it with my flush trim saw. I do that for the other three marked corners of my piece.

The base of my flower is  now ready. Now I mark some points with my compass and a ruler. I mark the two sides that are at a 90 degree angle with each other.  Then I cut out the first side on my scroll saw. Then I cut out the other side on my scroll saw. For this 3D cutting the scroll saw receives much pressure so you need to have a fairly big blade and slow speed on it.

Our 3D flower is ready. For the stalk of the flower I use a dowel which I bent with water and heat. Be careful if you do that and take all the necessary safety precautions. I scrape off the burning marks with my utility knife.

For the flower leaves I cut some of my pyramid scraps with a chisel and a blow with the direction of the grain.

I create some wood savings with my block plane for the inner flower part.

I use the  scrap pyramids from the first cut as cubistic rocks for the base of the flower.

I assemble everything with hot glue.  

My flower is ready. It has a low polygon 3D look which I like.

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