Sunday, November 16, 2014

Make a center finder and a half lap joint

This joint is a very nice and strong one. To do it you need to find the center of the pieces that you need to joint.

So I begin by making the center finding jig.

I take a piece of wood and draw a line with a ruler. I then take a compass, place it on the middle of the line and mark the two opposite points.

I drill holes on the outer points and glue a couple of dowels.

I add a nail in the middle and i sharpen it with a file a little bit.

My jig is ready. Now time for the half lap.

I take the jig and find the centers of my two pieces.

I mark the second dimension of the joint using the other board as ruler.

I clamp my pieces on the vise and make the two cross cuts in each board.

I take a chisel and remove the pieces I do not need.

My joint is ready.

1 comment:

  1. now on the center finder- do you have to be in the exact center when you put the nail and wooden dowels in?