Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to make a wooden stomp box with a piezoelectric pick up

This is a stomp box I made out of some pine pieces and a piezo electric pickup.

First of all I cut my pieces to size.

Then I mark them inside out. This way I know my grain match. I also want to join the pieces using dove tail joinery. This is the reason I mark the insides.

I use my utility knife to mark the depth of my dove tails.

I mark my tails and also mark the waste area.

I clamp the first piece on my vise and make the first cuts. I clean the tails with my chisel.  I use the tails to mark the pins on the other board. I cut, and then chisel out the pins.

Ofcourse I am not a high end worker and my dovetails aren’t the best. But it was fun to make and they’ll do the job.

Before glueing the body I use a forstner bit to reduse the mass of the board in order for the jack and pot to fit.

I glue the body using my frame clamp. I first check for square edges.

For the top I join some boards using glue.

I clean the boards up with a plane.

I glue the top on the body.

I glue some wooden pieces to hold the bottom.

I use  a flush trim bit on my router to make the top and body flush.

I fill some gaps by applying glue with a syringe. Then I remove the excess glue and sand the piece. This way the gaps are filled with wood dust. Not the best method but it’s ok for me.

I round over the top using my block plane. I take it slow when doing that against the grain.

I screw the bottom after making some pilot holes.

Now I solder the electronics. To do that I used a wiring diagram.

I test the pickup and the volume pot.

I apply hot glue on the back of the pickup to avoid feedback.

I hot glue the pick up on the box. And assemble all the parts.

I use my wood burner to draw the top of my box.

I apply a coat of teak oil on the piece.

I screw an old knob on the pot.

My piece is ready to groove.


  1. Where can I find the electronic components?

  2. Amazon? Any guitar parts house. Do a search. I give you the power to be able to find all you need or want. : )


    for real, I just searched for the parts and found them all. Not cheap, but I found them.

  3. What kind of wood burner is that?

    1. Nothing special, the cheapest I could find!

  4. Replies
    1. I am sorry, I do not sell the pieces I make!