Monday, November 24, 2014

How to make a wooden star for the Christmas tree

First of all I designed a template for the star. You can download it here.

The two sides of the star are joined with a half lap joint. The template's inside cut is 5,4cm thick to match my plywood's thickness.

I spray glue on the template and glue it on the plywood. I then cut the two pieces on the scroll saw.

I take a scrap piece and mark the bottom of the star on it. I then I 3D cut it on my scroll saw. I drill a hole on the piece and I have my star's base ready.

Now I glue everything together.

I apply a couple of coats of gold spray paint. I also apply a coat of clear varnish.

My star is ready for my Christmas tree top!


  1. thanks for posting this and the template, it's just what I needed to top my tree, which is made from a pine 1x6. I made the star from a 1x6 also, and used a piece of pine 1 1/2 square to connect the star to tree.

    1. I am glad you found it useful! Thanks for the nice comment. I would love to see your creation!