Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to make a scrap wood miniature catapult

This is a miniature catapult made of some scrap pine pieces I had. It used to be the laundry basket.

First of all I cut the side pieces to size. I clamp two of them in 90 degree angle, and trace the miters of the third piece with a pencil. I make some pilot holes with my rotary tool and screw the pieces in place.

I drill the holes for the wheels and the catapult's spoon base. It’s easier to do that now. 

I mount the inner pieces with screws. To make things easier I use clamps to hold thing in place before I add the first screws.

I cut a round piece on an inner piece for the spoon to fit nicely.

I add some screws for to act as holders for the rubber bands.

I flatten the base of the spoon a little bit, to be able to drill easier. I drill in order for the dowel to go through it.

At this point I realized I made a mistake and I have to move the inner middle piece back. Otherwise the spoon doesn’t have enough space to move.

I secure the spoon’s dowel with a few screws.

Now I make the wheels. I join two pieces of wood with my block plane. I glue and clamp the pieces. I place the clamps on opposite directions in order for the piece to be glued straight.

I cut out the wheels using a hole saw bit on my drill press.

I glue the wheels in place.

To make the spoon, I begin by removing a circle with the hole saw bit. I trace the spoon around it and cut it out on the scroll saw. I also cut notch on it. I cut the back of the spoon out of a scrap plywood piece. I glue them together and add a few nails.

To fit the dowel in the spoon I carve the end of it with a knife until I have a snug fit. I glue it and nail it in place.

I assemble my catapult. 

I make some ball of paper tape to use as ammunition and I am ready to roll!

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