Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cheap sharpening method for flat chisels and plane irons

I am not a high end woodworker. This method is not the best one out there but is good enough for me and the type of woodworking I practice.

First of all you need a sharpening kit. The kit contains a two sided sharpening stone, mechanical oil and a sharpening jig.

First of all I mount my chisel or my plane iron on the jig. The jig will help me establish the angle of the cutting bevel of my tool. I usually sharpen my tools at 30 degrees.

I begin with the lower grit side of the stone. I oil it and then sharpen my chisel with back and forth movements.

Then I turn around the stone and repeat the process with the finer grit side.

After a while a small curve is created on the tip of the blade. This is called the burr. You can barely see the burr with naked eye but you definitely can feel it with your fingers.  In order to have a sharp tool you need to remove that burr. To do so gently sharpen the back side of the tool. After a few light passes the bevel is removed.

My tool is ready for action!


  1. Hello,

    would you mind posting whose sharpening kit you are using and where you bought it? Thanks.


    1. Actually I don't want to advertise someone. It is a very well known brand and I bought it from a big home improvement store. I think there are many kits out there.

    2. lol, so I have been here before! I totally forgot that I found you by this sharpening jig. :) Well, I still haven't found it and none of the big three home improvement stores have any type of jig like this - they just look at me like I am crazy for even thinking about these. Oh well, when the mind is less foggy, I will try and figure it out. Thanks.


    3. OK, I found it in Leroy Merlin and it's brand is Stanley, I hope this information helps!

    4. Thank you Ionrooted. I will find it now. Much appreciated. After seeing you use your chisels and other sharp things on newer projects, this jig must work nicely for you. I will get it ordered. thanks again.