Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY cut glass bottle candle lamp


This is a lamp I made out of a glass bottle, a scrap piece of plywood and some wood savings.

First of all I use my cutting glass bottle jig to create a nice starting cut on the bottle.

Then I slowly heat the cutting line with a candle and then I cool it with water. I repeat this process several times. 

Then I gently hit the bottle. It should brake nicely, but some times this doesn’t always work out right. Most of the times it does.

I sand the cut edge with 180 grit sandpaper.

I create some wood savings with my block plane. I glue them on the bottle with my hot glue gun.

For extra protection I apply a coat of thinned with water wood glue mixture.

I take a scrap piece of plywood and cut out a circle using the adjustable circle cutter bit on my drill press.

Then I use a spade bit to make hole for the candle.

I also add 4 dowels in order for the bottle to stay in place.

I apply a coat of teak oil to the base of my lamp.

My lamp is ready. 
I used the wood savings because the bottle itself loses all the light of the candle. The savings help diffuse the light and make the lamp a lot brighter.

I hope you like it.

Caution: Be careful if you make a lamp like this because the wood savings are flammable. So try this at your own risk. My lamp does really well so far.

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