Saturday, September 27, 2014

Make a clean and dirty clothes wooden rack with the scroll saw

I made this rack because I needed to have my wood shop clothes in order for laundry. 

First of all I designed the template of the rack with a vector creating software. You can have my plans here:

Then I glue the templates on my wooden boards and cut them on my scroll saw. I used spruce for this project, but I think plywood would be better. That's because some pieces might be fragile, especially when force is applied with the direction of the grain.

Now I fine tune the peg's  tenon to fit on the rack's mortise. To do that I trace the depth of the mortise with a pencil and the I use a chisel and a knife to remove some material until I have a snug fit.

I sand the pegs and glue them on then rack.

I will join the top and bottom of the piece with dowels and glue. I use my bronze pointers to find the exact location of the holes I need to drill.

After drilling the holes on my drill press I glue and clamp the piece together.

I fine tune some of my scroll saw mistakes with chisels and sanding.

My rack is ready to be screwed on my shop's door.  

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