Friday, September 5, 2014

Make a tiny wooden box for your guitar picks

This is a tiny box I made for my guitar picks. It's made out of a piece of spruce.

First I cut the piece to size with a saw. Then I cut the top and the bottom of the box. To do that easily I clamp the piece on my bench.

I mark the thickness of my box with a pencil. I drill a few holes in the corners to pass the blade of my coping saw. I take my coping saw and remove the material of the inside of the box. I fine tune my cuts with a file.

I glue the bottom of the box. After the glue is dry I fill the gaps by adding glue and then sanding. This way the dust from the sanding meets  the glue and the gaps are filled in a pretty nice way.

I clamp the hole box together to mark the holes for the hinges. I drill pilot holes and screw the hinges in place. I add the front closing mechanism in a similar way.

Although I should have done this earlier, I sand the piece smooth.

I use my wood burner to draw something on my box. I decided no to apply a finish on this project.

My box is ready, I hope you like it.

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