Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Super fast and easy DIY scroll saw table

This a table I made for my scroll saw. I made it out of spruce boards and a scrap piece of plywood I used for it's top.

First of all I cut my lumber to size.

I start by making the front side of the table. I drill  pilot holes and then I glue and screw the boards with each other. I use clamps to hold the pieces together. I also check everything with my square caliper.

After I finish the front and the back. I screw and glue them together with some boards.

Then I glue and screw the top plywood and I am ready to go. 

In the future I may add a base and a drawer to the table.

This is a super easy project. It is really important to drill those pilot holes, otherwise this soft wood will split. It's nice to have a drill and an electric screw driver, it will make the hole process faster and easier.


  1. I can't let this one go without no comments, lol. Ok, what is your legs size (metric is fine, I can convert). They look to be about 48mm (that right? 12mm to the .5 inch roughly) (about 2 inches x 2 inches) ok, thanks Ion!

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