Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scrapy scroll saw illustration

Instead of just drawing something with ordinary materials, I decided to create an illustration with a slight 3D feel. To do that I drew  my stuff on scrap plywood pieces, cut them on my scroll saw and then glued them together layer by layer.

First of all I drew the background pieces and then cut them on my scroll saw. I use a pretty large blade on my scroll saw and as a result it is difficult to turn my piece fast in order to cut corners or tight curves. To do that with such a big blade I took my time to make room for the blade to turn. I also run the scroll saw at slow to medium speed.  After I'm done I glued the background pieces. I applied pressure with several heavy items I had on my shop. After glueing I sanded the piece smooth.

Now it was time to draw the next layer. I followed the same steps to draw the character on the right. On the left side of my piece I wanted to add some type. To do that I need to measure the space I had left. I used my caliper to measure roughly my area. I drew the letters and I cut them on the scroll saw.

In order for some areas of the illustration to pop out I decided to paint them with water based wood stain in the color of Oregon pine. I applied two layers of paint.

I made a hanging mechanism using screws and string. My illustration is now ready to be hanged on my shop's wall.

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