Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY cut glass bottle converted into a container

This project is not a 100% woodworking project, but I think it's is interesting for DIY lovers.

First of all I took an old glass bottle. I placed it on my glass bottle cutting  jig and traced a line around it's perimeter with the glass cutter. 

Then I placed a lit candle under my bottle and slowly heated the traced line. 

I cooled the heated line with water and with a light hit the bottle brakes in the middle. If the bottle is too hard you might need to repeat the cool and heat process several times. Do not try to force things here, you need to be patient and careful. Sometimes glass bottles aren't so good quality and might brake unevenly.  This procedure might be dangerous and I do not recommend it for non adults.

I sand the piece with 100 and 600 grit sandpaper to smooth any edges.

Then I begun making my wooden cap from a scrap piece of plywood. 

I traced the bottle on the wood and then I measured the inside diameter of my bottle with a caliper.

I drew another circle on my wood and I cut them both out on my scroll saw.

I sanded the smaller circle in order to fit snugly in my glass container. 

I glued the two wooden pieces together. After a couple of hours the glue is dry my container is ready. 

I can put my dowels, my nails, my screws and anything I want in my containers.

I think that's a nice way to recycle old bottles.

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