Saturday, October 4, 2014

DIY wooden Lego head style candle holder

I had a scrap piece of pine laying around, and I decided to make a Lego head style candle holder.

First of all I cut the wood to the size I want. I find the center of the two ends by making diagonals.

I roughly draw the basic shape of the head and then use my caliper to draw circles for the upper and lower parts of the head.

To cut those parts I first cut tenons. To cut the tenons I first mark their size with a pencil. I secure the piece on my wise and cut the tenons.

Now I round over the edges with my hand plane. Then I round over the tenons with a chisel.

Time for more rounding over with the block plane. This is a pretty easy job because I move the plane with the grain of the wood.

I use a spade bit on my drill press to open the hole for the candle.

I use my chisel for more rounding over against the grain of the wood.

I sand the piece with 120 grit sand paper.

I use my wood burner to draw the eyes and the mouth.

My candle holder is ready.

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