Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scrap bin challenge and improvised wooden art piece

I made this piece just by gluing scrap pieces of wood with my glue gun. I didn't cut, broke, sand, nailed or chiseled any of these pieces. I just tried to make something we the pieces I had.

Scrap bin challenge is a challenge in which you tube woodworkers participated. You can view some other participants projects here:

April Wilkerson

Steve Carmichael

Peter Brown

John Heisz

Fr. Thomas Bailey

Dominic Bender

Manhattan Wood Project

Arzensek Andrea

Steve French

Jason Rausch


Fabian's Tiny Workshop

Nick Ferry

Richard Morley

Patrick's Work Shop

Darbin Orvar

Rock-n H Woodshop

The Nomadic Polywright Show

McGinn's WoodShop

Jack Houweling

Mike Fulton

Ted Alexander

Average Joes


Carl Jacobson

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