Thursday, October 30, 2014

Make two baby Maracas using the 3D scroll sawing technique

This is a pair of baby rattles made of 2 pieces of scrap spruce. It is made using the 3D scroll sawing technique. It is a technique thats involves cutting with a scroll saw in more than one dimensions.

First of all I make my pieces square by planing them with my block plane. I secure the piece on my bench using clamps and a wedge.

Then I draw the basic shape of my maraca on the two sides of the piece.

First I cut the piece in half. It is easier to do that now.

Then I cut the exterior pieces. I keep the cut outs and clamp all the pieces together with tape.

I make the cut on the other face of the piece.

I have my basic shape ready. I draw the inner line of the maraca before hollowing it.

I secure the pieces on the bench using the scraps of the cut and clamps. I hollow them out using my curved chisels.

I stop the carving when light can pass through the piece. This technique is also used in spoon carving.

I add some nails to create the rattle noise and glue and clamp the pieces together. I use the cut out scraps to clamp the pieces easier.

I add a decorative touch by wrapping the maracas with some twine. 

My baby rattle is ready!

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