Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another rustic key rack for DIY lovers!

Another wooden key rack I made out of a couple of scrap pine boards and iron scraps I had laying around.

First I cut the metallic pegs that will hold the keys. I do that with my dremel tool and metal cutting bits.

Then I secure the pieces on my vise and I use a file to smooth the edges, I also round them over a little bit.

I drill the holes for the screws on my drill press using special bits for metal and oil to cool down the iron while drilling. I use a bigger bit to create a cone for the screws heads to sit in.

Then I mount the pieces on my vise and using a hammer and cylindrical object ( I use my mallet) I bend the iron pegs to the shape I want.

The main body of the rack is made of two wooden pieces joint together with glue and dowels. I drill the holes for the dowels on my drill press and use my copper pointers to find where exactly I need to drill the holes on the opposite board.

I glue and apply some pressure with a couple of clamps and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Then I round over the edges on the scroll saw.

I use my micro carving chisels to carve the word home. I start by making stop cuts and then I slowly remove wood material with the direction of the grain (when possible).

I also carve out the holes for the pegs to sit on.

I apply a coat of primer on the pegs and screws. Then I apply a coat of high gloss black spray paint.

I use water based wood stain (walnut color) on the wood. I sand only the letters with 120 grit sand paper to give the rustic look.

I screw the pegs on the rack and my piece is ready for action.

I used a small hanger to mount it on the wall.

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