Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to make a DIY beehive part B

In this part I install the metal parts of the beehive and I also make the wooden frames.

First of all I pre-drilled pilot holes, countersinked them and added screws to all the finger joints.

I then sanded all the pieces. I also added wood filler to a few holes and sanded it flush with my belt sander.

I clamped a metal sheet (0,3mm thick) on my bench, scored it with an exacto knife and then moved it back and forth to cut metal stripes. 

I used my sheet metal bending jig to make the parts on which the wooden frames of the hive rest upon. I secured them in place using my compressed air staple gun.

To all the ventilation holes I cut pieces of perforated metal with my scissors and secured them in place with my staple gun.

I used similar bending techniques, to cut and bend the metal sheet for the top of the hive. I secured it in place with my staple gun and added screws to it’s corners.

Now to make the frames, I used an old frame as reference for my measurements.

I adjusted the fence of my table saw and cut all the pieces to size. For the cross cuts I used my cross cut sled.

The pieces of the frames are joined with dado and finger joints. I made those on the cross cut sled using several stop blocks to make the cuts I needed.

When possible I made the same cut to more than one pieces with one pass.

I used the bandsaw to make the curved cuts on the frames.

I used my scraper and my belt sander to fine tune the sides of the frames.

I drilled the holes on the sides of the frames, using my drill press.

I glued all the pieces and added a couple of nails for extra strength.

A small wire will pass through the holes of the frames. To prevent the wood from being hurt from the wire, I added a few metal protectors.

I screwed the latches of the top and bottom in place and my beehive is now ready.

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