Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to make a sheet metal bending jig

I needed a jig like that for my beehive build. After making my research I came across a beehive maker, using this. Check his video out, here.

I made the jig out of 20mm plywood. I made my cuts with my circular saw and a guide rail. You can also use your table saw.

I made a few 90 degree cuts and one at 45 degrees.

I then marked the area between the hinges on my 45 degree beveled piece. I cut out the excess material on my bandsaw.

I marked the positions of my hinges with an owl, predrilled and screwed the hinges in place.

The beveled piece of the jig, goes on top and clamps the sheet metal with two screws. I made a few pilot holes, countersinked them and screwed them in place.

My screws were a bit longer than needed, so I trimmed them flush with my rotary tool.

To cut a piece of sheet metal, I clamped it on my bench, used a straight wood piece as a guide and scored a few times with an exacto knife. I then bent the piece a few times and it just broke loose.

To cross cut the sheet metal to size I used my snips.

I placed the metal piece on my jig and clamped it in place with the screws. 

I turn the front piece over and that way I bent my piece in approximately 90 degrees.


  1. Laser cutting process is used for multiple sheets, both for metal sheets and wood planks as well. video is informative and interesting. keep sharing more. :)

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