Saturday, April 2, 2016

DIY spring powered zombie apocalypse toy rifle

I made this arrow throwing rifle out of plywood, a couple of springs and scrap metal parts.

First of all I cut a piece of 18mm plywood using my circular saw and a guide rail.

I then designed my rifle with a marker.

I cut the basic shape on my bandsaw.

I used several scrap metal parts for this build. I also used a few metal corners I had laying around. I cut them all on the bandsaw while first spraying WD-40 to be safe from overheating and blade burning.

I made all the holes using my drill press or my power drill free handed.

For the trigger mechanism, I made a mortise. I made several holes with my drill press and used a sharp chisel to clean it up.

I assembled everything using screws, nuts and bolts. Butterfly nut are pretty handy in this situation.

All the power of the toy comes from two springs which I up-cycled from an old desk lamp.

My zombie apocalypse rifle throws arrows and it is ready for fun!

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