Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Skilsaw and guide rail review, plus DIY Plywood shelf

A few days ago Skil Europe send me a circular saw and a guide rail, in order to test it out and make something with it.

More details on the tools here:

You can also check that hashtag in social media: #Skilhelps

First of all I assembled the saw. I also made a test cut to calibrate the saw's guide. This way you know where your blade ends and can mark the cutting line easier.

In order for the saw to lock on the rail you need to mount it saw on a base.

Then I had to make a 90 degree cut and a 45 degree cut using the rail. This way you establish the cutting lines (on the grey areas of the rail). Now every time you want to make a cut you position the edge of the grey plastic on your pencil mark.

Now that the skilsaw and the rail are set up, time to make something.

I decided to make a shelf for my shop.

I made the rip cuts first on a piece of 8mm birch plywood. I made two cuts in one pass. The guide rail also comes with it's own clamps. 

I use the two cut pieces as a reference and set my rails up for the cross cuts.

The self is hanged on the wall with a french cleat. To make that I made a 45 degree cut using the other side of my rail. This way I have two pieces with 45 degree edges.

I glued and nailed all the pieces together and sanded the the self.

I drilled holes on the french cleat using my drill press. I also counter sinked them.

I used all the pieces with a spirit level to mark the holes on the wall. 

I made the holes for the upat on the wall. I hammered the upat in and screwed the cleat in place. 

I hanged the shelf on the wall.

Overall, I really liked the saw and the guides. They are really value for money tools.

Using a skilsaw and guide rail you can do almost any cut without having a table saw or a miter saw.

Really happy to have them in my toolbox!

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