Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to make a super easy DIY upcycled desk lamp

I wanted to  make a beginner DIY project. I wanted to use limited tools.  For this project you will only need a hand saw, a miter box and a drill as primary tools.

First of all I cut a piece of wood to size using my handsaw and a miter box.

To make the base of the lamp, I glued two small blocks of wood, using wood glue and spring clamps.

I then cut the rest of the wood in half.

I used one piece of wood as a ruler to mark the drilling holes using my owl.

I used a 6mm drill bit to drill the holes.

The base of the lamp connects with the body through a metal dowel that is attached to the main body of the lamp. I used a hacksaw and my vise to cut the dowel.

I used a 90 degree straight edge as a guide and tried to drill the hole for the metal rod as straight as possible to the end grain of the wood.

I mixed to part epoxy and glued the metal rod in the hole.

I made a few holes in the base of the lamp.

I added double sided  carpet tape to a piece of wood. I glued sand paper on it to make a custom sanding block.

I gave all the wood parts a sanding using 100grit sandpaper.

I added two threaded rings for the cable to pass through.

I connected all the parts using washers, butterfly nuts and bolts.

I also connected the cable with a screw driver.

I upcycled the hat of an old desk lamp and the clamp that is used to attach it on the desk.

I hope you like it.

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