Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to make a mini wooden toy canon

Everything begun from a scrap piece of pine dowel.

I cut the dowel to size using a miter box and a saw.

I then used a center finding jig to find the center of the dowel so I can mount it straight on my home made drill lathe.

Then using mostly a skew chisel I turned the basic  shape of the canon’s barrel. I sanded the piece while it was still turning on the lathe.

I made a jig from two wooden blocks, so I can mount the barrel on my vise straight. That way I made a straight pilot hole on my drill press, and then extended it with a larger bit using my drill.

I also made a smaller hole to the back.

The mechanism of my canon is just two zip ties and a spring.

For the canon’s base I cut a few templates, glued them in a piece of plywood with spray adhesive, and cut them out on my scroll saw.

I used WD-40 to remove the patterns from the wood and sanded the pieces. I joined the base’s pieces with glue and nails. The wheels are connected with a brass rod.

The barrel is mounted on the base with two screws.

I also added a few drops of super glue to reinforce the joints between the brass rod and the wheels.

To make ammo for my cannon, I cut a few 6mm dowels in half, using my bandsaw.!

I hope you like it!

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