Thursday, May 5, 2016

How to make a geometry compass

I had a few pieces of spruce which I cut to size on my table saw.

I decided to make a compass for my permanent marker.

I used my miter box and a saw to make all my cross cuts.

I marked the size of one piece and using a chisel I made a through mortise to the other part. I first remove as much material as I could using my drill press.

I connected the two parts and added a few nails, to secure them in place.

My compass Is just a pole with a few movable arms.

I marked the positions of the holes of the arms using an owl and drilled them on my drill press.

I marked the size of my sharpie and used a large drill bit to make hole to receive it. 

I removed some material on my bandsaw to create a relief gap. This way when I tighten the bolt the sharpie stays in place.

I assembled the compass, using bolts, washers and winged nuts.

I used a center finding jig to find the center at the end of my compasses pole. I made a hole with my drill. I cut a big nail with my hacksaw and hammered it in place.

Because I hammered on the tip of my nail. I used a file to sharpen it.

My compass was now ready. With those flexible arms it can create both small and big circles. With a few adjustments I can also use a pencil, a pen or a piece of chalk instead of the marker pen.

I hope you like it!