Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to make a miter sled for your table saw

This sled is actually a jig that allows you to cut accurate 45 degree miters on your table saw.

This is actually my version of Steve Ramsey’s sled. You can check out his project here.

I made my sled from a scrap piece of MDF which I cut to size on my table saw.

I then added a few washers to in my saw’s top grooves. Those act like spacers. I measured the distance from top to washer with a caliper and transferred my measurement to the tabs saw’s fence. Then I cut my sled’s rails from a piece of wood who’s thickness is the same with the grooves of the saw.

I added the rails in the grooves, applied glue and added the top. I also glued two MDF pieces to make a security block for the blade.

After a couple of hours, the glue was dry enough to add screws. I predrilled and counter sinked the holes, before adding the screws.

I made my first cut with the sled. I cut about half the way. I then used the 45 degree angle of a triangle against the blade and marked a line. 

I applied glue and added the first fence of my sled, parallel to the line I drew before. After a couple of hours I cut the excess material of the fence. 

I used the first fence to cut the miter of the other one. Again the same procedure only this time I use a 90 degree square to make sure that the two fences are facing each other at exactly 90 degrees.

I used a saw to cut off the excess rails. I then secured the fences in place with counter sinked screws.

I used my cross cut sled to cut the security block to size. I glued and screwed it in place.

In order for the sled to roll nicely, I applied a couple of coats of beeswax and olive oil finish on the rails.

I make another half way cut and my sled is ready.

The way the miter sled works is fairly simple. You make the first cut on one side of the fence. To make the other cut you place the other piece on the other fence. This way when you bring your two miters together you get an accurate 90 degree angle!

I hope you find it useful!

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