Saturday, September 5, 2015

Assembling, testing and reviewing the inventables X-CARVE CNC machine!

A few months ago Inventables sent me their X-CARVE CNC machine , in order to assemble it, say my opinion and make a video about it.

I accepted the challenge and as soon as all the parts were shipped to me I started the assembly.

They have very analytic instructions to their page, on how to assemble the machine step by step.

I assembled the X carriage, the Y-axis plates, the gantry, the Y-axis, I added the belts, assembled the Z-axis, the drive rod, the Z-axis motor, did all the wiring, added the drag chain, the spindle mount, the work area and the electronics.

The whole process was pretty new to me but everything worked out fine eventually. A very interesting part was the arduino. It was my first meeting with that electronic device and it was really nice to hold it in my hands.

After testing the machine, I made a test carve using easel which is a free 3D carving software provided by Inventables.

My whole experience with the CNC was awesome, but if I had to say something I didn't like about it I would say that I found two things:
a.) It is a bit slower compared to old fashion power tools.
b.) Easel has limited capabilities at the moment.

Overall, I loved the X-CARVE and I think it will lift my DIY and woodworking projects to a whole new level.

I want to really thank Inventables for sending me that awesome machine. I hope in future I will put it in good use!

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  1. it was very interesting watching your video and reading your comments about this CNC. All I can say is you are a lucky person! LOL, it was also good to see that you changed your clothes while assembling the machine. :) How long did it actually take you to un-crate everything to final assembly?