Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY experimental wooden logo stamp

I had this idea on experimenting printing with a DIY custom stamp.

I first cut out my logo reversed out of 4mm plywood piece. I used my CNC machine to do that. I used the smallest cutting bit I had for the printing matrix. I changed to a bigger bit to cut the circle around my matrix.

I then cut out the handle and the base of my stamp out of 18mm plywood.

I clamped my router upside down on my vise and with a round over bit, I rounded the edges of the handle and the base. 

I then glued everything together using wood glue. The handle and the base connect with a mortise and tenon joint. I also used clamps during glueing.

To test my stamp I used acrylic black paint with a bit of water. I used a roller to apply the paint on the stamp. I added a sheet of paper of a piece of leather and pressed on with my stamp.

The first printing proofs were not that good, but after a while the print outs were coming out all right.

I like the stumpy look I get from the stamp’s defects. 

I think it was fun making something like that!