Friday, September 11, 2015

DIY 3 color wooden stencil with the CNC

I wanted to  make a wooden stencil with my CNC machine. So I took an image, adjusted it’s levels in photoshop and then created the vector shape I wanted in illustrator.

I also added some elements in my image, so that no forms will not fall apart when the stencils will be cut.

I created three stencils one for each color. The stencil acts like a mask. So when you spray paint over it, you create the image that the mask does not hide.

After I was done with the design, I let my CNC machine to cut the stencils out of a 4mm plywood piece. Since my design is pretty complicated,  I used the smallest cutting bit I had on my CNC router.

When the CNC finished, I removed the stencils using an exacto knife. I clamped the stencils on a piece of plywood and started spraying. I begun with the red color, then the black and lastly white!

I think it worked out pretty nicely!

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